Bauchi State Police Command appoints new Police Commissioner.

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The Bauchi State Police Command has appointed Mr. Garba Baba Umar as the new Police Commissioner.
Mr. Garba Baba was received by senior police officers and led to the State Headquarters where he took time to inspect the sentry guard mounted by officers of the Bauchi Police Command.
He thereafter proceeded to meet the various Departmental Heads before addressing newsmen on his mission in combating crime through community policing and dialogue.
Mr. Baba alongside other senior officers decorated 12 newly promoted officers and charges them to be of good conduct in performing their professional duties.
This is the first assignment the police officer will be undertaking as a Commissioner of Police having served in various capacities with his last as Deputy Commissioner in charge of monitoring the police force headquarters.
He called on citizens, especially political and religious leaders not to abuse the privilege of freedom of speech and association by inciting the public through their utterances.


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