Britain to Face Hottest February 20th for 160 years

Life's a beach: Monday will be Britain's hottest February 20th for 160 years with temperatures set to reach 16C. Pictured: Brighton pier

Monday will be Britain's hottest February 20th for 160 years with temperatures set to reach 16C.  
Temperatures in the UK will be hotter than Greece, Dubai and Saudi Arabia thanks to a 'blast of hot air from the Caribbean', bringing weather fit to toast a bread.

It comes after many enjoyed unseasonably warm temperatures during the week - with people even seen sunbathing in Britain's parks.
After last week's bitingly cold temperatures, spring looks to be well on its way with balmy highs of 16C by Monday due to a southwesterly airflow. 
This three-day weather forecast shows the weather will be mild but not necessarily sunny, with clouds expected in the west


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