Steps to Easy Veggie Stir Fry

So i discovered an easy trick to make veggie stir fry to spice up your food. last week Saturday was one hectic day, myself and bae 😉 went mountain climbing, was quite fun but the highlight of the day was this veggie hot pot rice we made together for lunch.
so here is the trick:
you can actually use any veggie available, just make sure they are fresh. I love peas and carrot! so its a must. 😋
OK for this particular meal, I used;


About 5, tablespoons olive oil
Black pepper 
Green pea
Green beans
Sweet  corn
Green pepper
Soy sauce

(there are no set rules or limit to vegetables you can use, just make sure they are edible(lol) play around and enjoy the colour)

Let's go! 

  • Get a pan! ...Ha ha of course ? Non sticky pan and a wooden spatula  gives you best result.
  • Heat up the oil  then add your onions ( i have a thing for blended onions u could give that a try)
  • Add your carrot, you need this a lot more tender than other veggie so it goes first.
  • Sprinkle some seasonings and your pepper just some oh!
  • After about 5min of stir fry, add the other lined up vegetables, more seasoning to taste, stir fry for another 5min and Voila! There you have it.

You can pour this to your preferred meal on heat and jam it all together...uhm😋. I added mine to a delicious hot pot rice!

Here's a picture, of a different rice meal i played with stir fry veggie! you like right? i know!😎


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