Hey there! 2017 is already underway and on the move. I know you did make a New Year resolution! But do you know that some New Year resolutions are either being made or set in place as we speak. Whether it’s to lose weight, save money, become more organized, or start a new hobby, the list of goals is endless. It is a known fact that a lot of the resolutions that people make don’t really get enough follow through and start crumbling before the middle of the year because of one situation or the other or u might probably have forgotten about it. The excitement of a new beginning makes us eager to assess our lives optimistically with everything we want to accomplish. But guess what it is no different in fashion and fashionistas everywhere who already have their lists ready to conquer this year. But let’s be honest, fashion is hardly the top of most people’s New Year Resolution especially these days but I will tell you for a fact there is nothing wrong with having a new year fashion goal that would help you make your wardrobe much more interesting and making people wonder how good you are at knowing the right shoes for the right dress or the nice tie to use or the patterned shirt to wear with which pants. People come to you for opinions on what to wear to a dinner date, or an event, or a cocktail party or even a birthday party. Obviously you are thinking it’s already too late to be that fashionista but not to worry because  In today’s article, I will be sharing some realistic tips on keeping your fashion game strong, or if you don’t have one, how to kick it up a notch!
First thing first if you are on this website, you do care about fashion. No matter where your passion ranks, the five tips I will share are applicable across the board. As with any resolution, you cannot expect to see any significant changes overnight. This will be more about changing your habits and gradually getting some real results. So are you ready for a life changing fashion experience?

Do you always say these to yourself, “Oh, I could never pull that off!”, “oh these would never look good on me” oh this and oh that blah blah blah! You are definitely incorporating negative vibes with self-defeating statements like that. Fashion is about being creative. This year, challenge yourself to do something that you haven’t done in previous years. For those that have a tougher time with change, it does not happen overnight, take baby steps. Maybe buy a shoe that you typically wouldn’t go for. There isn’t any magic to new possibilities. Have that self-love for yourself and do not scare yourself away by thinking you can’t do it.
When you are an impulse buyer everything catches your eye. Always wait for the right moment to ‘treat’ yourself. What side do you fall on - the people that never spend on themselves or those that do it way too often? Personally, I only spend on a purchase if I can justify getting multiple uses out of it and if a similar item doesn’t already exist in my closet. As most of us want to keep our fashion expenses to a minimum, it is realistic to set a goal of how much you are willing to spend and under what circumstances. Bottom line is do not deprive yourself completely but when you do go all out, make it count.
Remove fashion rules from your vocabulary. There are so many outdated fashion rules out there that only limit one’s creativity and to be honest, take the fun out of dressing up, think out of the box and create your own style. If you haven’t been doing this already, make this year one that you allow yourself to wear what you like and what makes you feel good. Most importantly, don’t let anyone talk you out of your choices because they violate a certain fashion rule.  Too many people get caught up in this trap of, “Do people still wear something like this?...” Life is too short to continue complying with rules that are quite frankly pointless and limiting for no reason!

We are all victims on this one! I know right, I know how tempting it is to resist the latest and greatest fashion trend. No one is immune to it, but never forget to be a smart shopper! Stop throwing away your money by getting trapped into the instant satisfying mode. There are so many ways to get the most out of your money: use coupons and check both in store and online for shopping deals; sign up for mailing lists (caution: you will be bombarded with ad specials like crazy). You can create a folder in your email that will make sure all these promos do not take up room in your inbox. It is better to only sign up for stores that you frequent. If your favorite stores offer loyalty programs, sign up for them as they give you better deals and discounts. Loyalty programs are typically free and shouldn’t be confused with store credit cards. This year, make it a point to take some extra time to research what you want to buy before making that impulse purchase.
Fashion can be fun but also brutal in some ways. When you see images been flashed in the media it is mostly based on a certain body type. Even if you don’t see your body being represented in the media, just know that you are beautiful the way you are. Work with what you have got and don’t let anything shake your body confidence. All body types do look good you just have to pick the right pieces for it. There are so many ways to show kindness to yourself: If someone offers you a compliment on your clothes, gladly accept it without downplaying your style; treat your body right – eat well and stay active. This is the year to keep things in perspective and not let fashion negatively impact how you feel about your body. If it makes you feel bad, that’s a sign that some adjustments need to be made.
All fashionistas know that any fashion resolutions mean a change in attitude and a willingness to hold yourself accountable. Nothing is accomplished by writing down a list that is not put into practice. Like they say action speaks louder than words. It is easy to put something into writing but are you willing to walk the walk? And talk the talk? Fashion is fun and quite enjoyable if you do it right. Don’t overcomplicate it and miss out on the fun!
 Do have a lovely day
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